End of Season Exit Survey
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End of Season Exit Survey

Thank you for taking the time to provide your valuable feedback. Your input enables us to better assess areas in need of improvement, and make changes that enhance processes and life on the Ice.

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Pre-Deployment Exceeded   Met   Not Met   N/A
Medical PQ process
Customer service of Denver Medical staff
Training you received prior to deployment
Orientation content
Benefits information provided
Orientation location
Orientation length

Pre-Deployment comments (500-character limit)

On Ice Exceeded   Met   Not Met   N/A
Promptness of being seen
Amount of time the doctor spent with you
Dedication to privacy
  Housing—Food Services—Recreation        
Cleanliness of dorms
Variety of food served at meals
Variety of recreation activities
Quality of recreation activities
Quantity of recreation activities

On Ice comments (500-character limit)

Work in General Exceeded   Met   Not Met   N/A
Station's commitment to safety
Supervisor's commitment to safety
Your organization’s commitment to safety
Job-related training received on Ice
Pre-season expectations made clear by supervisor
Performance feedback given by supervisor during season
Accurateness of post-season evaluation by supervisor
Format of new RPSC performance evaluation form
Station leadership provided throughout season
Organizational leadership provided throughout season

Work in General comments (500-character limit)
An asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

Which of the following best describes your affiliation to the USAP for this deployment? *
How did you first learn about the USAP?*

Would you consider returning to the program for a future season?*

Would you recommend deployment to your friends/family?*

Did you supervise employees on the Ice?* How many?

How can we improve the program? (1,500-character limit)

What did you like best about the program? (1,500-character limit)

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