Christchurch Deployment Satisfaction Survey
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Arrival and Stay in Christchurch

How satisfied were you with the following aspects of your arrival?

  Exceeded Met Not Met N/A
Content and Timeliness of the 'Christchurch-Important Arrival Information' Email
Accomodations Provided as Requested


Preparing for Your Flight

How satisfied were you with the following aspects of your preparations for McMurdo?

  Exceeded Met Not Met N/A
Computer Facility in Travel Services
Laptop Screening Process
Christchurch Baggage Storage
ECW Clothing Issue Process
Quality and Timeliness of McMurdo Flight Information


Day of Departure

How satisfied were you with the following activities?

  Exceeded Met Not Met N/A
Pre Check-in Clothing Process
Check-In Process
Safety Briefings


Personal Information



Which of the following best describes your affiliation to the USAP for this deployment?



Is there any part of your Christchurch visit that you wish to comment on and what could Christchurch Operations do to improve your transit to Antarctica?

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Curator: Brigitta James, Antarctic Support Contract   |   NSF Official: Paul Sheppard, Office of Polar Programs